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Message from the President

Since 1924, we have established a relationship with our customers based on trust, as we endeavor to contribute to the progress of manufacturing in Japan from the standpoint of a trading company dealing with machinery tools. However, changes in the management environment in recent years, such as globalization, advances in IT (information technology) and environmental responsiveness, have resulted in the need for a major overhaul of the way the manufacturing industry operates, and restructuring of the management and production systems is urgent. President Kenji takada
Kenji Takada
We are also keenly aware of the need to provide new support services that meet these changes in addition to our mission of distribution that supports existing manufacturing. It is our desire that Japan continues to maintain its leadership as a manufacturing nation in the 21st century and progresses alongside users and manufacturers, and we are determined to put forth the greatest effort possible to realize our desire.
It is our sincere intention to serve you by offering the world's top-level machinery, tools, systems and accompanying software, in addition to consultation and the provision of advice concerning improvement of production systems, IT applications, environmental responsiveness and overseas information, while reaffirming our mission as a trading company. We thank you for your continued support and patronage.


Management Policy

We endeavor to respond quickly to advancements in society, to conduct business in a fair and progressive manner, and to always be exemplary within the industry.

Basic Principles

  1. All staff in our company will join forces and work diligently in a cooperative manner, with courage, devotion and orderly discipline.
  2. We will not pursue immediate benefits, but will value trust, conduct solid management aiming at long-term growth, and obtain fair profit to contribute to the improved life of employees and the prosperity of society.

Company Motto

  1. Amity and Cooperation
    We will hold a high regard for and trust each other and help one another, creating an amicable atmosphere for the progress of each individual staff member and the improvement of work efficiency.
  2. Sincerity
    We will place top priority on sincerity, and will fulfill our promises and respect good manners.
  3. Fulfillment of Responsibilities
    We will not carry daily tasks over to the next day, but will finish tasks to be done that day and fulfill our obligations.
  4. Originality and Creativity
    We will carry out our duties with enthusiasm and effort, as well as originality and creativity.

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