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The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Idaka Co., Limited is to positively contribute to the development of society, industry, and our employees through our business activities. This basic philosophy has been included within our Business Creed (management policy, basic policy, motto) since establishment. We have been working towards the practical application of awareness and company structure that enables response to changing business environments. In the carrying out of our business activities, we create good relationships with many diverse interested parties, including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and also communities, municipalities, government and so on. This is our CSR policy in practice.

Corporate Governance

In May 2015, IDAKA CO., LTD. put into practice the guidelines for moving forward in the "Business Creed", with a review of the management structure in order to achieve sustained improvement of corporate values. A new regime and policies of corporate governance were also established. More specifically: faster and more accurate management decisions; improvement of the review system for sound management; and internal audits to confirm the legality and efficiency of company activities, as a pillar for commencement of new initiatives to enhance corporate governance.


We achieve fair and proper management based on our Business Creed, and aim to fulfill social responsibility through the trust of our customers. For this purpose, in May 2015, the President of the holding company and Executive Officers initiated the creation of a new compliance manual and we are committed to the compliance of business activities both domestically and abroad.

Development of Individual Ability

We respect each of our employees and strive to create a purposeful workplace where individual abilities can be demonstrated. We recognize that the driving force behind the competitiveness of our company is the power of the people and organization, therefore our human resource policies work towards the following objectives: maintenance and strengthening of the corporate culture, which demonstrates the company values; growth and development of each employee; and development of business activities through excellence in personnel and organization.

Contribution to Local Activities

We aim to be a good corporate citizen as a member of the local community. We place great importance on communication and interaction with the local community. For example, we are actively involved in cultural and sports activities, festivals, events, volunteering, and activities that contribute to local development. We recognize that our business activities are established in our region and we will continue to place emphasis on activities that contribute to the local community.

Environmental Policy

  1. We make a conscious effort to prevent pollution in our business activities by saving resources and energy, reducing waste and promoting recycling. We also strive to maintain a healthy environment and to market products and services for improving the environment while working on environmentally-friendly activities.
  2. We abide by applicable environment-related laws and regulations, while responding to other social demands with which our organization agrees.
  3. We set environmental objectives and targets according to our environmental policy, within the scope prescribed by the Environmental Management System (EMS), and put forth effort to realize them. We also strive to reduce our environmental burden through continuous improvement of the EMS by periodically reviewing the aforementioned objectives and targets and then revising them as necessary.
  4. We familiarize our organization and all those who work for our organization with our environmental policy and provide necessary education.
  5. We aim to become a company that is open to the community and society, and we publicize this environmental policy inside and outside the company.

We are making positive approaches to environmental conservation, including acquisition of ISO14001 certification.
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